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Origin of the idea

When we say "We", we talk about a small team plenty of creativity and ingenuity. To be honest, we have 100 fingers, 20 feet and, first of all, 10 brains in Open Resources, our web agency located in northern France.

The same one that is charged of websites such as Princess Tam-Tam or Comptoir Des Cotonniers.

We love pretty things, new challenges and above all... we love our shoelaces! is one of these marvelous ideas that we are pleased to present.

Something great to reveal? We are already looking forward to seeing future collections!

shoelaces tying methods

Shoelace tying techniques

Wearing pretty shoelaces, that’s great, but find out how to tie them, it is better!

We put together a listing of various techniques so you can tie and untie your shoelaces evermore! Express yourself and your desires (even the simplest or more sophisticated ones)...

Feel free to send us your ideas and why not the photos of original way of lacing your shoes!

> Discover how to tie without being tired!


French manufacturing

French manufacturing was close to our heart, especially as French products are becoming increasingly rare. That’s why we wanted to show you our pretty, 100% cotton and "Made in France" shoe laces.

French manufacturing means quality and fineness. We give you a large choice of shoelaces.

To stay in this world of authenticity and for your enjoyment, our shoelaces are originally wrapped in small handmade packages.

* Excepted neon colored shoelaces (synthetics), because they couldn’t be dyed on cotton.